Corsalis Team

Remi Goléger et Fabio Coppo


The company’s foundations are based on the many years of expertise accumulated in the field of European logistics of its two co-founders, Rémi Goléger and Fabio Coppo.

Rémi provides extensive knowledge of the supply chain and industrial property development, contributing expertise in the design and management of operations and property management.

Fabio, thanks to his extensive background in strategy and finance, offers a solid vision of evolutions in the real estate market and the economic prospects of different projects.

After working alongside one another for a number of years in the Carrefour Group, they drew on this perfect complementarity to found Corsalis in 2020.

Alberto GOZIO CEO Italy
Laure LACOMBE Sales Manager
Audrey MADDALON Office Manager
Antoine CRÉTÉ Program Manager
Nicolas BORRELLI Development Manager
Marcello BATTAGLIA Italy Program Manager
Amy MBACKE Junior Commercial Development