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June 2, 2022

Shopping centers as urban logistics relays

To meet the requirements of the last mile of delivery, better than distant and large warehouses, the network of shopping centers can be a valuable relay.

Largo Consumo EN

Largo Consumo

April 29, 2022

CORSALIS also focuses on urban logistics in Italy

Making deliveries more efficient, especially in the last mile, but also recovering and modernizing often unused buildings with a view to sustainability: this is how CORSALIS is developing the concept of urban logistics and distribution in Italy too.

LC Publishing Group Mag en

LC Publishing Group Mag

April 2022

For new consumption models

Fabio Coppo, co-founder of CORSALIS Italia, in MAG: “Logistics activities increasingly need premises in the city, in residential and high consumption areas”.

Immoweek march 22


March-April 2022

Urban logistics, between immediate needs and long-term solutions

In terms of real estate solutions and logistics and urban projects, there is room for players with varied profiles,” says Rémi Goléger. The associate director of CORSALIS points out that, in parallel with the “major transformations thought out for metropolises” which “are part of a long period.”

Le Figaro Immobilier EN

Le Figaro Immobilier

February 12, 2022

When urban logistics is integrated in the city smoothly

While the multiplication of anarchic delivery points in cities creates tensions, professionals are organizing themselves to create sites combining practicality and good urban integration

Immoweek EN


January 31, 2022

iPodcast with Rémi Goléger (Corsalis Logistics Real Estate)

Co-founder and co-director of Corsalis Logistics Real Estate, Rémi Goleger is the guest of Catherine Bocquet, editor-in-chief of Immoweek, as part of the “Grand Entretien” series

Business Immo EN

Business Immo

January 28, 2022

In Lille, Corsalis renovates 2,000 m² for urban distribution

Corsalis Logistics Real Estate, a real estate company dedicated to urban distribution, has acquired the Filature de Saint-Quentin, a former industrial building located in the Lille metropolitan area. Corsalis will renovate and convert this 2,000 m² building into an urban distribution site.

Vox Log Lille EN

Vox Log

January 18, 2022

In Lille, Corsalis renovates 2,000 m² for urban distribution

CORSALIS unveils a new project dedicated to urban logistics, named the Filature de Saint-Quentin. The building is scheduled for delivery in spring 2022.

Immo Week EN

Immo Week

January 11, 2022

Lille: Corsalis acquires and will renovate a former industrial building of 2,050 m²

CORSALIS has acquired the Filature de Saint-Quentin, built in an industrial style of red bricks, located in Lille (59). This 2,000 m² building will be renovated as of January 2022…

Le Moniteur EN

Le Moniteur

December 9, 2021

Logistics real estate: the reasons for a historic performance

Growing needs of e-retailers, appetite of investors, rising rents… The warehouse is no longer a second class asset.

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