List of jobs

  An operations manager

  Internship – Real Estate Project Manager

  Internship – Real Estate Financial Analyst

An operations manager


Within the framework of the management of the various development or rehabilitation operations of existing sites operated on the territory:

follow real estate projects from the preparatory phases (preliminary analyses, preparation and filing of administrative authorizations) to the delivery of the building

coordinating preliminary studies to understand the legal, administrative and technical environment of the site

leading the design phase of the program, leading to the preparation and submission of applications for administrative permits

follow up on the administrative authorizations

follow the realization of the program from the selection of companies to the delivery of the building


project management

real estate development


sense of organization and priorities

ability to synthesize information

english language skills


Dynamism and creativity to adapt to the types of projects encountered and to the hazards during the setting up of operations and site monitoring. Good communication skills and the ability to adapt to different audiences and interlocutors, with an appetite for the field and the resolution of technical problems, conflicts or disputes. Managerial qualities that translate into cross-functional and direct management


Real estate training, between 5 and 10 years of experience in logistics, commercial or service sector real estate, ideally in:
real estate development and promotion and/or

consulting/amo and/or

asset management

Frequent travel in the regions and abroad is to be expected

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